YBR – Orlando City Match Tailgate – Everything you need to know

This is our desperate attempt to consolidate the info one would need to know into one place for the Saturday, July 11th, YBR Tailgate. Any questions, direct them our way, we’d love to answer them the best we can.

WHERE IS THE TAILGATE? Lot 6 at the Citrus Bowl. Our goal is to be lined up on the South Street side. We’ll have YBR signage. This handy dandy map below marks the location of said lot in relation to all major thoroughfares, tributaries, and such. Citrus Bowl WHAT TIME? The actual tailgate will start around 3pm and go until around 7. Match starts at 7:30, so we’ll probably start breaking down around 6:45 to give us adequate time to get through security and into our seats. WILL YOU BE SERVING FOOD? Yes! We’re making pulled pork and sides and fixins for everyone. There will be plenty to go around. No payment required. We’ll have a mini-grill if you’d like to bring anything else to cook.

WHAT ABOUT DRINK? Bottled water will be available, as it is the summer…in Florida…and dehydration is an awful experience that seems to never end once it has overtaken your body. We’ll have coolers if you need a place to store any beverages you want to bring. Understand space might be limited, so if you want to be bring your own cooler feel free. Please mark your items to avoid confusion and/or theft, and if it’s alcohol, please no serving it to minors. Legally YBR cannot supply alcohol to the masses, but the Citrus Bowl does allow it at the tailgates, so bring what you wish. (Remember this is a family friendly environment and not a classic college rager, so please drink responsibly.)

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Bring chairs. We’d love to say we have 50 or fold out chairs sitting in our shed, but we don’t. We’ll have a couple tents set up that should provide adequate shade.

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? People have asked if we’re wearing our YBR shirts. We’re not. We’re going to the Orlando City match, and will be giving out YBR sunglasses to stand out. Feel free to wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

DID YOU SAY GIVEAWAYS? That’s right! By showing up at the tailgate you could win a pair yellow YBR Wayfarer style sunglasses…or a handy dandy YBR koozie! I mean, if that doesn’t get you out, I don’t know what will.

WHAT IF IT RAINS? Rain or shine. As long as it’s not monsooning we’ll be out there. The good news is that the weather talking people are predicting a 96 degree day with little to no cloud cover and no rain…YOU COULDN’T ASK FOR BETTER WEATHER TO FRY AN EGG ON YOUR HEAD. (Again. Please be sure to drink water.)

CAN I PURCHASE A PARKING PASS IN LOT 6? Yes! Link for Lot 6 Parking. It’s $23 and some change. Understand that spots are 1st come 1st serve, but purchasing in advance guarantees you a spot somewhere in the lot. It’s only feet from the stadium. If you plan on purchasing a pass, and want to try to arrive around the same time as us, let us know. (info@ybrf.org)

WHERE ELSE CAN I PARK? Nicole and I usually park downtown and ride the  Citrus Bowl Shuttle. The Citrus Bowl shuttle picks up in front of Orlando Police Department on Hughley. It is FREE. (MAP). There are plenty of public and private lots surrounding the Citrus Bowl if you want to avoid the bus, understand post match traffic does require some patience.

WHERE CAN I GET MY MATCH TICKETS? If you purchased your game tickets through us, we’ll have them at the tailgate. Please bring $30 per ticket. We can accept Cash or Card (we’ll have our Square Reader). Please note that card will require an additional charge. If you want them before game day, let us know by emailing info@ybrf.org and we’ll send you a link to pay, and get them in the mail ASAP.




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